When Mother Nature Gives You Tornadoes, Make Peanut Butter Cookies

Every week I plan a day of cooking and recipe development for Beard and Bonnet. I would like to say I was completely professional about it, but truth is I usually use that day as my “I am staying in my pajamas today” day. The pj’s are actually tactical; they keep me from leaving the house to run any errands that may pop up, or to grab that ingredient that I forgot at the store. They kind of ensure that I stay on task and in my house working. Weird, I know.

Last week my pajama post day was interrupted by Mother Nature with a horrendous day of inclement weather here in Atlanta, and an 11-year old that was struck with a cold and couldn’t make it to school. So suffice to say, I still spent the day in my pj’s, with 2 kids in their pj’s, in and out of our make shift storm shelter watching the waves of storms rolling through while trying to distract the kids any way that I could. Obviously, recipe development wasn’t really happening. Instead I decided to enroll the kids in the task of making cookies. Eliza and I had seen a recipe for Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies on Bakers Royale a few weeks ago and we just happened to have all of the ingredients on hand*Hello, only 4 ingredients = Best cookie recipe ever! I would have loved to have made the homemade Marshmallow Frosting, but seeing as though we were in and out of the “storm shelter” we settled for filling our cookies with Marshmallow Fluff instead.

By the second round of siren blasts our storm shelter was definitely the tastiest in the area and when it was all said and done we were thankfully safe and sound with bellies full of cookies and happy memories that I am sure my kids will look back on for years to come.

Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies
From Bakers Royale: Makes 24 cookies and 12 sandwiches
1 cup natural peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 large egg, lightly beaten
1 tsp. vanilla extract
Marshmallow Fluff if using

Preheat the oven to 350°F and line baking sheets with either silicone mats or parchment paper.

Place all ingredients in the bow of a stand mixer and mix on low until combined. Use a small ice cream or cookie scoop and drop 1 ½ tablespoonful’s of dough onto the prepared baking sheets. Use a fork to flatten the mounds of dough and create a criss-cross pattern on each cookie.

Bake cookies for 10-12 minutes or until golden around the edges. Remove from the oven and rest on the baking sheet for a few minutes until the cookies firm up enough to transfer to cooling racks.

Once cooled spread at least 1 heaping tablespoonful of Marshmallow Fluff onto the back of one of the peanut butter cookies and top with another. Get wet wipes handy and dig in, these babies are messy and are sure to trigger fits of giggles.


    • admin

      Gina, thank you so much and I am totally looking forward to the move…I do have an insane fear of earthquakes though. We only experienced one big one when we lived there before, but it was enough to give me nightmares for years. *Big chicken over here!

  1. Lisa

    I made these cookies as a treat for the family on Sunday. but I added an extra: a dollop of homemade concord grape jam… so they were more like PBJ and fluff cookie sandwiches. The family devoured them! I do think that the sugar amount was a tad too high for us, they were REALLY sweet. Next time I will cut it down to 1/2 c. YUMMO!!!

  2. Scary! I’m glad we don’t have tornados out here! I saw on your “about me” page that you guys used to live in Long Beach! I’m currently in Long Beach but am moving in a few weeks to Valencia – a little ways north of LA. I’m sad, because I love Long Beach! We are in Belmont Shore on Naples Island. What area did you live in?

    Anyways… these cookies look great! I just made similar cookies using almond butter that I will be posting on the blog soon. Glad you made it through the storm and had cookies to keep you company!


    • admin

      Thanks Michelle! We used to live in Belmont Heights, but our daughter went to school at Naples Elementary. We love it there and are actually moving back in a few months. We are looking at houses in the shore and around Naples for when we move. We were so close to being blogging neighbor buddies, that would have been totally awesome. I am pretty sure that mandatory blogger “work” lunches at Taco Surf would have been a necessary addition to my calender.:)

      Good luck on your move to Valencia, we will still definitely have to meet up one day. When do you move?

    • admin

      Thanks Kiersten! All in all it was a pretty good day and I was so thankful for those cookies and how they magically distracted two very worried kiddos.

  3. Nita


    I really enjoyed reading about your PJs day full of kids, tornadoes and peanut butter cookies! What a fantastic memory for the kids, for sure! I love that the cookies were so messy they made you all giggle! There are still so many American goodies we don’t get in Australia ~ Marshmallow Fluff, for example! Can’t say I’ve ever heard of this one!

    We have just had a week of stifling, hot weather in Melbourne, Australia, but today we are enjoying a lovely cool change – it’s almost baking weather again!

    Warm regards, Nita

    (PS: I couldn’t see your name in the blog and only ‘admin’ in the comments.)

    • Meg

      Hi Nita!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I hadn’t even realized when I changed my hosting site on B&B that it was listing my name as ‘admin’ so I will change that asap! Marshmallow Fluff is essentially melted marshmallows and I wish that I could share some with you. It really is an icky, sticky, wonderful mess.:) I hope that you stop back by soon!

  4. I’m sure your kids will remember this day for a very long time. What a great idea to make the best of the situation and make cookies to distract the kids from the storm. I love the marshmallow fluff in these too!!!

  5. raniya

    Hi! I’ve made these peanut butter cookies before and they are absolutely fabulous! I sub 1 Tbsp ground flax seed and 3 Tbsp water for the ‘egg’. Always delicious. Marshmallow seems like an amazing addition! I’ll have to try that next time.

    • Meg

      Thanks Raniya! I will have to try the recipe without the egg next time and I di suggest splurging at some point and slathering two cookies with marshmallow fluff. It is insanely good!

  6. UGH the storms last week were insane! I do the same thing where I dedicate a day to blogging / staying in my pajamas and that was totally ruined by the sirens going off every half an hour! The storms passing by us were insane and it was too dark to even take photos. Such a bummer – I’m a total chicken when it comes to natural disasters as well.

    • Meg

      Oh man Shelly, I feel for you! I am so happy to be back in So Cal where I am away from the tornado’s..although earthquakes terrify me too. I am so glad that you are safe! The last tornado we had when I lived in Atlanta literally went right over our house, you could hear the rotation. Right before it hit we had a huge crash of thunder that shook the house so hard the curtain rods fell off of the wall. I was crying like a baby at that point!

  7. BaltimoreMama

    Love this recipe! Just made 3 batches as part of my holiday cookie gift mania. My 5 year old is going to love these, too (probably as soon as she wakes up tomorrow, ha!)

  8. Denise

    I’ve made these peanut butter cookies twice and they are definitely a “keeper”. When I ran out of marshmellow fluff, I used Nutella. Also very good. 🙂

  9. Stacy

    Made these and they were great- thanks for the recipe! I agree that they were a bit too sweet for my taste- will half the sugar next time. I love a recipe you can decrease the sugar on! 🙂 thanks again!!

    • Meg

      Stacy, I have made it both ways with the extra sugar and half of the amount both are great! Glad you liked them.:)

  10. Marykay

    I have made these cookies for my family for years. When not in a “peanut” mood, we often trade out the peanut butter for Almond butter and then use a thick Cherry Spread in the middle. There are Sooooo many ways to make these simple cookies. Yumm as always.

  11. Carlisa Rushin

    I make flutter nutter cookies all the time, and this is my standby peanut butter cookie recipe, it is so easy and Gluten free. Its just almost foolproof.

    • Meg

      I know right Carlisa?! It is one of those recipes you just keep in your back pocket at all times;) Total keeper!

  12. I just recently started my own 31 day vegan challenge to jump start a more healthier eating habit. I think your recipes are really great and i can’t wait to try them. Hopefully I can incorporate some of these recipes in my vegan challenge. I thinks im gonna start with the marshmallow peanut butter cookies! I’ll let ya know what happens..thanks for the recipe!!

    • Meg

      Yay for starting your own 31-day vegan challenge! When you make these cookies you will want to replace a vegan egg substitute for the egg that is called for. Maybe a flax egg would work:) I’d love to hear how it works out and best of luck on your vegan challenge.

  13. Jenn

    These look really great! I’ve made the cookies before (with half the sugar) and they’re fantastic, I just can’t believe I never thought of putting Fluff between them! How do they travel with the fluff filling though? Just curious! Thanks!

    • Meg

      Thanks Jenn, I would wait to add the fluff until you get to where you are going. It loves to ooze out of the sides of the cookie sandwich.

  14. Tabitha

    I make the peanut butter cookies with coconut sugar and a substitute egg (also add chocolate chips for chocolate chip cookies).

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