Easy Apple Dessert Pizza

Last week, I shared the recipe for my Supreme Veggie Pizza Pasta with you and I raved about my LOVE for all things pizza and pizza inspired dishes. Well, friend, I wasn’t kidding! I would eat a pizza inspired dish every single meal of the day if I could get away with it – even dessert! Case in point, this gluten free, Easy Apple Dessert Pizza – it has a perfectly tender, sugar cookie crust that’s topped with a brown sugar cream cheese “sauce”, and paper thin slices of apple all drizzled in caramel. Be still my heart!

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An entire gluten free Easy Apple Dessert Pizza is on a tbale next to plates and small bowls of caramel sauce and powdered sugar.

I mean, have you ever seen a more decadent dessert? Plus, just like pizza these slices are perfectly portable!

A table top with an Apple Dessert Pizza cut into slices. There are 2 slices pulled on to a plate from the pan and they are drizzled with caramel. There are also fresh red and green apples on the table.

Let’s talk about what makes this Easy Apple Dessert Pizza so special, shall we?!

The crust || This is no ordinary pizza pie my friend, this crust is made of sugar cookie dough. (In my case gluten free sugar cookie dough, but hey- you do you!) Store bought cookie mixes, pre-made tubes of dough, or even from scratch recipes are all welcome at tis pizza party,  just form it into a big circle the shape of a pizza pie then bake it to perfection!

The “sauce” || Obviously, you wouldn’t use tomato sauce on a dessert pizza, that would just be gross! But, you know what you can use?! A whipped brown sugar and cream cheese spread! Oh yes friend- this little dessert dipper is just heavenly! Creamy, luscious, and rich. Just like a dessert pizza should be!

The “toppings” || This Easy Apple Dessert Pizza has a sweet tart combo of thinly sliced Stemilt Piñata apples and Granny Smith apples. I sliced the apples paper thin on a mandoline to ensure easy eating, but you could just chop them up very finely too.

 close up shot of Easy Apple Dessert Pizza

What are you waiting for? You know you want to indulge in a slice of this right now!!!

Make this Easy Apple Dessert Pizza for yourself! Click here to go to the Stemilt site for the full recipe! 

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