Gluten Free Apple Fritter Bread

As you may know, I personally have quite the sweet tooth. On the other hand, my husband Todd is more indifferent when it comes to dessert. He is a savory guy for the most part. TBH, I don’t really mind that he could care less about the sweet stuff, because that just means more dessert for me. However, when it comes to this Gluten Free Apple Bread, all bets are off. We are BOTH obsessed!

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A close up shot of a pound cake. A slice has been cut off so you can see the inside. The loaf cake is a vanilla base with swirls of cinnamon sugar and shredded apples throughout the loaf.

Apple Fritter Bread for breakfast? What a way to start the day!

When I say obsessed, I’m not kidding! Todd literally takes inventory of how much apple fritter bread is left every morning before he leaves for work. Then he compares how much is left when he comes home in the evenings. While I ‘m glad that this dessert-crazed behavior is not his norm, it sort of feels like the ultimate compliment when he is grilling me about how many slices of apple bread was eaten during the day.

A golden brown loaf cake is on a wooden cutting board in top of a dark tabletop. The loaf cake has white icing drizzled on top and its dripping down the sides. A woman is standing in the background, she is wearing a tan linen apron and a black thermal shirt. The shirt has a decorative cuff around teh sleeve. The woman is slicing a piece of the loaf cake with a knife.

This apple fritter bread is the perfect blend of sweet and savory. If I was going to be eating slices of fritter bread with my coffee in the mornings, I needed it to be a not-too-sweet treat. The vanilla scented bread itself has a nice crumb. It’s layered with pockets of cinnamon sugar laced Stemilt Granny Smith Apples and sweet cider icing. A slice of this Gluten Free Apple Fritter Bread is just sweet enough to start the day off right, but not so sweet that you’ll have a sugar crash later in the morning.

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