Champagne Gone Flat? Make Champagne Vinegar!

How to Make Champagne Vinegar {Beard and Bonnet}

I am sure a lot of you have some leftover champagne from last night’s festivities and if you don’t sip it fast enough it is sure to fall flat.

If you are like me you are bound to cork it and forget it in the days to come as you embark on your clean eating resolutions. If this is the scenario that plays out in your kitchen there is no need to fret and toss it out, you can make champagne vinegar from your fizzed out champagne and enjoy tasty salads dressed with champagne vinaigrette in the weeks to come. This is quite possibly the easiest tutorial we have had on B&B, but the results are super tasty.

Step 1: Transfer leftover champagne to a canning jar.

How to Make Champagne Vinegar {Beard and Bonnet}

There is no particular set of measurements here. However much is left that has gone flat is how much you should put in the jar.

Step 2: Cover the jar with cheesecloth.

How to Make Champagne Vinegar {Beard and Bonnet}

This will keep any dust and flying critters that may make their way through your kitchen out of your vinegar. One or two layers of cheesecloth stretched across the top of the jar should be fine.

Step 3: Let the jar sit in the cupboard for a few weeks.

After 4 or 5 weeks your champagne will turn to vinegar (a little taste test will let you know if the transformation has occurred yet) and you can replace the cheesecloth with the insert for the canning jar to store. Your homemade vinegar will last for up to 6 months stored in your cupboard.


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