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Our Journey with a Dog with Kidney Disease

In December 2019, we got the gut-wrenching news that our pup Hooch had kidney disease. Can you believe it? We were totally caught off guard!

Here were our next steps!

It turns out we missed the signs, thinking they were just signs of aging. Talk about a shocker!

Processing the Diagnosis

Holy moly, when we got hit with that kidney disease bombshell, it felt like a punch to the gut. We were floored, heartbroken, and full of guilt. How did we not see the signs? We had a good cry, went through a whirlwind of emotions, and worried our tails off about what the future held for our pup.

Now for the research...

After reading about a bazillion articles, we found that there were a few super easy changes we could immediately make at home (in addition to diet, which we'll explore later) that would positively impact Hooch's health and make things easier on his kidneys.

3 Changes We Made

1. Giving him filtered or distilled water only 2. Increased exercise 3. Extra vitamins & nutrients

Finding the Perfect Diet

We revamped our pup's diet, making sure every bite was kidney-friendly. We said goodbye to regular treats and hello to homemade treats made of fruits and veggies that are perfectly safe for a dog with kidney disease.

In addition to homemade food, we also began using probiotics, Dog Food Seasoning, and food toppers.

From Struggling to Thriving

Hooch went through a total transformation in just six weeks! With a brand new diet, his blood test results took a nosedive—in the best way possible! Those scary stage 4 kidney disease levels went down to a much safer midrange stage 1.

It just goes to show, my friend, that sometimes small changes can lead to incredible outcomes. Here's to Hooch's health and happiness!

Early detection, research, and making those important lifestyle changes can make a world of difference. Together, we can give our furry friends the best shot at a happy, healthy life.