The Best Places To Visit In California's San Joaquin Valley

If you are planning to visit the San Joaquin Valley there are lots of amazing things to do and see! While the valley is predominantly rural, it also has bustling cities to explore.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of exploring California's San Joaquin Valley and let me tell you - it was absolutely breathtaking! Keep scrolling to see the highlights!

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The fertile soil and ideal temperatures of the San Joaquin Valley make it a prime location for growing all sorts of produce. Table grapes, raisins, wine, prunes, figs, almonds, kiwi, pistachios, citrus, winter squash, and more fruits and vegetables all are grown here.

What is the San Joaquin Valley known for?

Yellow Dots
Yellow Dots

What to do when visiting California's San Joaquin Valley:

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This one location has something for every member of your crew young or old. From U-pick pumpkin and flower patches to a real deal Farmer's Market, goats, and a seasonal Farmstand. There are even spots around the property that are styled for taking the perfect road trip selfie!

Day 1: Clovis, California

We start with wine tasting followed by lunch at one of Madera's most well-known restaurants. A quick drive will have us back in the field exploring more of this region's agricultural offerings and how they get from the orchard to the packing house.

Day 2: Madera, California

On our last morning of the tour of the San Joaquin Valley, we visited the Madera Fossil Discovery Center where we had breakfast underneath a giant mammoth!

Day 3: Chowchilla, California

When driving through the San Joaquin Valley keep an eye out for...

The Palm and the Pine, Highway 99.

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Sandwiched in between the southbound and northbound lanes of Highway 99 in Madera County is where, if you look closely, you will notice a Palm tree and a Pine Tree planted together. This planting represents the symbolic divide between Northern and Southern California.

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