How to Microwave an Artichoke

A whole steamed steamed artichoke in a white bowl.

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1 artichoke, cleaned and prepped through step 5 of this post. 

1/2 of a lemon


Clean and prepare the artichoke through step 5 of this post. 

Place the prepared artichoke in a microwave-safe dish, upside -down, with the stem end facing up. 

Squeeze the half of a lemon over the artichoke.

Cover with plastic wrap tightly then poke a few small holes into the plastic to vent with a pairing knife.

Microwave on high starting at 12-15 minutes for a small artichoke 15-18 minutes for medium to large artichokes or until the bottom of the artichoke is easily pierced with a fork or the tip of a small knife. 

Serve immediately with your favorite sauces. 


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