An Easy Potato Salad Recipe with A Green Goddess Dressing


This Easy Potato Salad recipe is perfect for the summer months ahead! We ditched the typical mayo and pickle-laced cold potato salad for a vibrant California avocado Green Goddess dressing poured right over warm baby Yukon gold potatoes. Light, bright, and tangy this potato salad is perfect for a simple side dish at dinner or poolside gatherings!we need

This easy potato salad is my family's new favorite dish for summer. It tastes great and is super simple to make and has only two key components, the potatoes and the Green Goddess Dressing. Without them this dish isn't possible, so let's break them down shall we?

What kind of potatoes are best in a warm potato salad recipe? Waxy Potatoes, Best of Both World Potatoes, &  Starchy Potatoes

Waxy potatoes have minimal starch and retains its shape when boiled. Their thin skin means that peeling them for potato salad is completely up to you and your preferences. They are smoother and less gritty, and mealy on the inside than starchy potatoes. When used in cold or warm potato salads, they stay tender yet firm and don't fluff up much, unlike their starchy potato cousins.

Best of Both World Potatoes-  While these potatoes have more starch than waxy potatoes, they can still hold their own in cold or warm potato salad. Also known as all-purpose potatoes, these in-between varieties make a great substitute for waxy potatoes because of their medium moisture and starch content.

Starchy Potatoes have  thick skin and a drier, more mealy texture. They don’t hold up well to boiling or mixing because they take on more water than waxy potatoes when cooked. When used in potato salads, they soak up lots of dressing and create an ultra-creamy potato salad, which is fine if that's your thing. We prefer a bit more texture. I personally mostly use starchy potatoes for dishes like mashed potatoes.

Which Potatoes will work best in this easy potato salad recipe?

When making potato salad, but especially warm potato salads either waxy potatoes or potato varieties that fall in the "best of both worlds varieties" are best.

Waxy Potato Varieties: New, Red Bliss, Kennebec, or fingerling potatoes.

All Purpose (best of both) Varieties: Yellow Finn, white, and Yukon Gold potatoes


Let's move on to where the flavor really happens, my California avocado-laced Green Goddess Dressing!!

Seriously, I could slather this sauce on everything. (and I do!) Clearly, the key ingredient in this dressing is the avocado, so let me answer a few basic avocado questions for you!

How to store an avocado?

You can store ripened avocados in the refrigerator uncut for two or three days.


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