How To Grow Food Indoors With Gardyn

With This Mess Is Ours

Gardyn is a hydroponic gardening system that was created for indoor use! "Hydroponic gardening" refers to growing plants without soil. The Gardyn system makes growing produce without sunshine or a connecting waterline possible.

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How Much Does  It Produce?

All of that vertical grow space means you will be able to feed a family of 4-6 up to 8-10 pounds of fresh produce each month.

What plants can you grow in my Gardyn?

Gardyn has over 50 varieties of non-GMO plants ranging from greens to fruit and everything in between. 

Leafy greens


Plants You Can Grown with Gardyn





Planting the Seeds

Each plant starts as a grouping of seeds tucked in a small pod that's filled with a growing medium. As the seeds sprout, you'll pluck out smaller sprouts & leave one sprout per cube.

Refreshing the Water

I envisioned some laborious, messy task, and the truth is I was dead wrong. Refreshing the Gardyn unit is super easy, here's how.