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The Best Strawberry French Toast Recipe 

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There's something undeniably charming about a plate of warm, fluffy French toast, and when you add the enticing aroma of roasted strawberries, you have a simply irresistible brunch dish.

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Let's explore my latest breakfast obsession; Strawberry French Toast made easy in the oven. I serve this stunning brunch recipe with basil-infused honey, a simple Roasted Strawberry Syrup, and Sparkling Wine from California.

A Brunch Classic with a Berry Twist: Strawberry French Toast.

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Picture this: A lazy Sunday morning, the sun gently streaming through the window, and the aroma of freshly made Strawberry French Toast with Roasted Strawberry Syrup filling your home. This, my friends, is the stuff brunch dreams are made of!

The inspiration behind this Baked Strawberry French Toast recipe:

Behold, the Strawberry Shortcake Orange Blossom Stack - a delightful twist on the classic Strawberry Shortcake, famously served at the one and only Boccali's restaurant in Ojai, California.

The spin on this iconic recipe I created for California Wines infuses every mouthwatering layer with a burst of sunny California citrus, delivering a fresh and zesty experience that'll leave you craving more.

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What Does Sustainability in Wine Making Mean?

Sustainability is all about finding ways to make things we need or enjoy, like wine, without causing harm to our planet or using up too many resources. In the case of wine production, it means growing grapes and making wine in a way that's friendly to the environment, fair to the people who work in the vineyards and wineries and makes sure the business can keep going for a long time.

April is 'Down to Earth Month,' and we are celebrating with winetails made with sustainable wine from California. But what does 'sustainability' actually mean?

It's super easy to know if the California wine that you are drinking is SIP certified, simply look for the logo or seal on the bottle of wine.

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The Perfect Recipe For French Toast

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