DIY Wax Fire Starters

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muffin pans and paper liners

1 pound soy wax flakes

cedar wicks 

4-5 cups kindling filler/s of choice; bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, cedar shavings, mini pine cones, dried lavender, tea bags, dried chamomile flowers, dried rose petals, incense ropes, star anise, cloves, shredded paper.

old pan for melting wax. 


In a double boiler melt the soy wax as directed in the blog post above over medium heat. 

Meanwhile, line the muffin pan/s with paper liners. 

Then place a few larger pieces of filler in the bottom of each paper cup then snuggle the cedar wick down in between the pieces so that at least 1/2-inch of the wick extends past the paper liner. Fill in around the wick with more kindling filler of choice making sure to pack the liners full.

As soon as the wax has melted pour an even amount into each well. You want some of the items to be completely submerged and some to still be poking out of the top. 

Sprinkle additional decorative filler across the top of the melted wax before it sets.

Let cool completely. 

Once cooled and the wax has solidified - remove the fore starters from the muffin tin and store in an airtight container. You can also wrap these and give them as gifts. 

To use a fire starter: 

Nestle the firestarter amongst the kindling on a stack of firewood in a fireplace or between the logs in a fire pit. Light the wick and allow to burn. 


Firestarters like these should only be used in wood-burning fireplaces or outdoor wood-burning fire pits. Do not use in wood-burning stoves or gas fireplaces. 

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