Is Coconut Oil Good for Dogs?

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Coconut Oil

The answer is yes! According to certain holistic and naturopathic vets, coconut oil has properties that can help with a variety of dog's illnesses.

What is coconut oil?

It is extracted from ripe coconuts. It has tons of saturated fat and medium-chain triglycerides, which are thought to be a health advantage for both people and their pets.

If you want to feed your dog coconut oil, start with small portions and gradually increase the dosage.

How does it taste to dogs?

Some oils taste nutty, while others are buttery and smooth. You may have to try a few different ones before finding one that your dog enjoys the best.

A natural probiotic paired with coconut oil helps soothe the digestive system


Benefits of Coconut  Oil for Dogs

Medium Chain Triglycerides

Plays a role in improving brain vitality and mental performance

Weight Loss

Can create a healthier metabolism, increased energy, and healthy joints.

Relieves dry, itchy skin but also enhances the look and feel of a dog's coat

Skin and Coat Health

Oral Health

It will improve their breath and tooth cleaning experience.