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Sangrita Marinated Chicken

Life isn't just about following a recipe to the letter. Sometimes, it's about those unpredictable detours that bring joy to our tables. For instance, recently we discovered we could use one of our favorite cocktail mixers to marinate chicken. The result is a succulent, tender main dish that will make your dinner pop—our Sangrita Marinated Chicken.

This marinade infuses chicken with the ideal blend of citrusy zing and spicy kick, making it a breeze to either sear and bake in the oven or sizzle to perfection on the grill.

- California Grown Sangrita mix - olive oil, plus more for pan - shallot, rough chopped - garlic, minced - thyme, sprigs - orange zest - salt - boneless skinless chicken breasts


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What is Sangrita? Fresh citrus juice for brightness, antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice for a sweet burst, and tomato juice for earthy richness.

This delicious chicken marinade recipe will be easy to master, for even the most novice home cook. Simply follow the instructions below and you can't go wrong.

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