How to Boil an Artichoke

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Boiling fresh artichokes is a popular preparation method, however personally I only use it when I plan to grill or stuff and bake artichoke hearts after par-cooking them in boiling water first. 

To me, a fully-cooked, boiled artichoke is rather soggy. But, when only cooking partially in boiling water before being finished on the grill or in the oven the boiling process adds a nice juicy consistency and texture to an artichoke.



4 artichokes, cleaned and prepped.

coarse kosher salt to taste

2-3 bay leaves

1 head garlic, halved through the center revealing all the cloves.

1 lemon, halved


Select a pot large enough to hold all of the artichokes you plan to cook. Fill halfway with water and salt as you would pasta water.  Place over high heat to boil.

Meanwhile, clean and prepare the artichokes through step 5 of this post. 

Place the prepared artichokes stem side down into the boiling water. Lower the heat to a simmer and weight the tops of the artichokes with a dish or potlid that fits into the pot to keep the artichokes submerged. 

Simmer the artichokes until par-cooked 15- 20 minutes or fully cooked 25-40 minutes depending on size. 

Remove the artichokes from the water and place upside-down in a colander to drain.

When cool enough to handle, carefully pull open the petals at the top of the artichoke and remove the small, inner inedible leaves and the hairy "choke" by scraping it with a small spoon. 

Either continue with another cooking process if you par-cooked the artichokes or serve immediately with your favorite dipping sauces. 


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