Lemongrass & Limequat Vodka Cooler

This Mess Is Ours

What is a limequat?

You might be asking yourself "What the heck is a limequat?!", great question I asked the same thing when I heard about them. Turns out they're a hybrid of a key lime and a kumquat.

These limequats pair with lemongrass and orange blossom honey so perfectly.

– limequats, quartered – lemongrass – orange blossom honey – vodka – ginger beer – ice optional garnish – limequat slices – pieces of lemongrass


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Can't Find Limequats?

Now, if you can't find limequats don't worry, you can make this cocktail with kumquats and squeeze of lime too. Either way, it's totally delish!

Make the Cocktail

Combine the limequats, lemongrass, honey and vodka in a mason jar, muddle. Be sure to really work the juice out of the fruit and bruise the lemongrass.

Make the Cocktail

Fill a rocks glass with ice then strain the vodka mixture over the top. Add ginger beer to fill the glass. Garnish with a slice of limequat and lemongrass if desired.