The Best Probiotics  For Dogs 

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With one dog that's in remission from kidney disease and one that eats anything she can get her mouth on, gut health is a topic that we know well.  We recently discovered the best probiotics for dogs and it's been a game changer for us.

Probiotics are bacteria that help fight diseases, strengthen the immune system, digest food, and produce vitamins and nutrients. We've tried quite a few probiotics for Hooch and Rebel and have found that the best probiotic, at least for our dogs, is Native Pet’s probiotics!

What are probiotics for dogs?

What is Native Pet?

Native Pet is a brand that offers unique supplements, toppers, and chews that give balanced nourishment to every pet, thanks to their pet-loving team!

Addresses acute and chronic diarrhea

Creates a thriving environment for healthy flora

Restores gut health after antibiotic use


Shelf-stable for up to 2 years

Calms upset stomachs








benefits of this probiotic powder

Improves intestinal and immune systems on the regular

Aides in the introduction of new foods



– Create a broth by adding water – Mix into prepared food. – Sprinkle on top of the food in your dog's food bowl dry.

How to Serve  Probiotic Powder

How is Native Pet different from other brands?

- Native Pet uses fewer ingredients and keeps it clean.  - They make sure each formula is highly effective. - They keep it easy for you and tasty for your pet