Apple Ginger Sangria

When the weather starts to heat up, I like to put my favorite Fall forward flavor combination of apples and ginger on ice with this super easy Apple Ginger Sangria Recipe! 

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Pitcher of white sangria with apple slices on the counter and a cutting board with apples and a knife in the foreground. Artwork hanging walls in the background.

I love summer time entertaining, but I don’t love being strapped to the kitchen when we have guests over! This crowd pleaser of a recipe is perfect for summer because it is super easy to prepare in advance. Plus, having pitchers of drinks ready to go when your company arrives is an easy way to ensure that you are able to mingle and enjoy a few drinks with your company too.

What are the components of a great Sangria Recipe?

Sangria recipes are generally pretty basic: combine a fruity wine, chopped fruit, a squeeze of something bright and a spritz of something fizzy. Let it all mix and mingle together then serve. I mean, seriously, it just doesn’t get any easier than that! While some versions of sangria’s fruit flavors get muddled together,  I assure you that won’t happen with this Apple Ginger Sangria! My secret for making this sangria’s fruity flavor really shine through is to incorporate the help of the shredding disc on my food processor. I admit shredded apples may not be the most appealing look, but it helps get the most out of them as far as flavor goes and I can strain the apple shreds out before adding my sangria to a serving pitcher.

Pitcher and 2 glasses of white sangria with apple slices on the counter and a cutting board with apples. Pictures hanging on the wall in the background.

What are the best apples for Sangria?

I chose 2 types of apples for this sangria, Stemilt’s Piñata and Granny Smith varieties. They both have a firm texture, that I love and their sweet/tart balance of flavor pairs nicely with the Riesling and Champagne. Also, I really like garnishing my sangria with cinnamon sticks and star anise, but they will change the flavor if you let them sit in the liquid for too long. If you want to add garnishes like these to the pitcher wait until right before you serve to add them in.

Ready for the Sangria recipe? Simply click here to go to the Stemilt website for the recipe!

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2 glasses and a pitcher of white sangria with apple slices on the counter and a cutting board with apples. A yellow napkin is underneath the cutting board.

Apple Halloumi & Labneh Flatbreads|| I chose to use Stemilt’s Piñata Apples in these flatbreads because they are literally a flavor explosion for the taste buds. They have a bit of a sweet meets tart tropical vibe to them that we just love. And they bring a much needed crispness to these flatbreads

Quick Pickled Apples ||  Stemilt’s Pink Lady apples are the perfect apple for pickling because they are very firm and dense in texture and have a wonderful tart flavor that I just love!

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Apple Chai Monkey Bread || This Apple Chai Monkey bread comes from a recent cooking session with my  daughter and I think it might just be the most delicious thing we have ever made together.

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What are the health benefits of apples?

The apple, especially with the skin left on, is packed with necessary nutrients that reduce risks of heart disease and diabetes and improve gut heath. The high fiber and water content in apples can also help with weight loss because they are so filling.

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