Blueberry Lavender Icebox Cake

If summer had a flavor profile this Blueberry Lavender Icebox Cake would be it! It hits ALL the right notes – tart, tangy, cool, and creamy with a hint of  lavender.

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A slice of blueberry lavender icebox cake. Layers of graham crackers, whipped marscapone cream, and blueberry lavender jam. Cake is iced with whipped mascarpone cream and a sprinkle of fresh blueberries. Cake slice is plated on an off-white plate with a decorative edge and a gold fork.

Is maximum relaxation a selling point when it comes to dessert? Probably not, but maybe it should be! The aroma and flavor of lavender relaxes me like nothing else, it’s literally like a delicious spa day for my tastebuds! But, lavender is also an unexpected showstopper of a flavor combination for summertime entertaining with your family and friends, especially when it is served up as an elegant Icebox Cake.

looking down onto a rectangular cake that is frosted with white whipped cream icing and sprinkled with fresh blueberries and yellow bee pollen. Cake is on a wooden board with a metal handle on a light colored table.

Icebox cakes may look elaborate, but they are actually SUPER easy to make! If you can layer ingredients like in a lasagna, you can make an icebox cake with your eyes shut! Of course…while it’s technically pretty simple process to make a cake like this one, you are going to need a few pieces of kitchen equipment to pull it off.

A three picture collage; 1 image has a woman with a turquoise ring and a small child making whipped cream in a blue bowl with an electric mixer, one image is lemon curd being folded into the whipped cream with a white spatula inside the bowl bowl, and one image is of a slice of Blueberry Lavender Icebox Cake on a cream plate with a decorative edge and a gold fork.

Here are a few icebox cake making essentials that you will want to have on hand!

Nonstick Loaf Pan || I love this pan for SO many reasons!! It is specially designed to promote even baking and browning of baked goods.
Offset Icing Spatula || This offset spatula makes spreading the layers of this icebox cake a cinch and its super handy when you are icing too!
Silicone Cooking Tool Sets || I always use a silicone spatula when I need to fold ingredients into one another.
Hand mixer || The filling and icing in this recipe is made with a whipped cream base. While you could totally use a stand mixer, my son and I love using the hand mixer together so I often opt for it instead.
Saran Wrap || There is nothing glamorous about this essential, but you are going to need it to line the loaf pan you use. Trust me, if you don’t line your loaf pan, you are going to have a nightmare of a time getting your icebox cake to release from the pan.

A woman holding a vintage blue mixing bowl with an off-white rim over a gray quartz countertop. She is using a white, rubber spatula to fold lemon curd into whipped cream

Blueberry and lavender not your thing? Don’t fret! I’ve dreamed up a few more variations of this Icebox Cake that are sure to be a huge hit. Just substitute the ingredients below for 3 more delicious spins on a classic!

  1. Strawberry rose jam + seeds from 1 vanilla bean instead of lemon zest + sliced strawberries instead of berries and bee pollen on top.
  2. Peach strawberry chia jam + seeds from 1 vanilla bean instead of lemon zest + sliced peaches and strawberries instead of  blueberries and bee pollen on top.
  3. Store-bought raspberry jam + seeds from 1 vanilla bean instead of lemon zest + raspberries and bee pollen instead of blueberries and bee pollen on top.

A woman spreading whipped cream onto a layer of graham crackers that are in a loaf pan that is lined with plastic wrap hanging over the sides. She is working on a gray quartz countertop that also has a wood board with graham crackers, awhite bowl of blueberries, 2 lemons, one has been zested and one has not.

Ready to make an icebox cake? Simply click here to go to the SimonSAID website for the recipe!

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