Sunday Snapshots: Atlanta Street Art Scavenger Hunt: Part 1

One of our favorite things about living in Atlanta is the ever changing urban landscape. Since 2010 there has been an annual street art conference here called Living Walls. Todd and I are slightly obsessed with this event and have looked forward to it every year. We have started a fun little family tradition of a street art scavenger hunt that has helped us to have a better understanding of where we live and has taken us to parts of our city that we would have probably never explored otherwise. This year’s Living Walls conference was the world’s first all-female street art conference and it didn’t disappoint. We still have a few more “hunts” to go on before we see all of the murals from this year but that is part of the fun. Mapping out our route through the Living Walls map that you can find here, planning lunch at a new restaurant along the way and listening to our favorite music.

Our kids really enjoy the hunts too, Eliza loves to spot new pieces of street art these days and is always on the lookout whether we are on an official hunt or not. This year we took along our iPad so that we had instant access to the Living Walls map. It added another element to the hunt that we hadn’t had before which was images of the buildings before the murals went up, I have to admit it helped a lot to know what we were looking for! We even found a few murals and paste ups from previous years that we hadn’t found before as well as a mural by Brandon Sadler that is mind blowing!


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