Boards & Beer for Father’s Day

Maybe you haven’t noticed that our family is a little unorthodox; this especially applies to holidays and how we celebrate them. This year for Father’s Day we decided to tap into Todd’s Southern CA roots and plan a day full of excitement – van der Kruik style. Let me fill you in on 5 basic truths about my husband:

  1. He is an art lover…especially street art.
  2. He really enjoys skateboarding & up until a few years ago when my brilliant Christmas present of a Ripstik landed him in the hospital with a broken elbow he skated pretty frequently.
  3. He is almost always in true SOCAL attire.  Hoodie, shorts & flip-flops (even in the winter)
  4. Mexican food is always a winner!
  5. An ice-cold beer, preferably Pacifico or Corona, is the perfect way to end the day.
Lucky for me MODA had most of our celebration planned for us! Our fabulous Father’s Day adventure started Saturday morning with a full fledged skateboard parade on Peachtree Street. In true skate style there were no rules…wear what you want, skate how you want, be who you want. The parade route was a mile long and ended in front of MODA where there was an array of amazing ramps set up with a live skate demo by 5BORO Crew from NYC, a DJ and multiple booths filled with Vitamin Water & skate goodies. Seriously, MODA thought of everything they even had a board doctor there to patch your thrashed board.

The parade itself was nothing short of spectacular!  The rumble of the boards coming down the street sounded like a stampede of wild animals & the pageantry was phenomenal. We saw skaters in Afros with bell bottoms & tuxedos with bow ties. Skaters with vintage boards and brand spanking new ones. Some built by hand and some that looked like they were from outer space. Old skaters, young skaters, novice skaters and pro skaters. Our kids were squealing, Todd’s camera was snapping and I was shamelessly jumping up and down screaming “DID YOU SEE THAT!!!!” & as if this wasn’t enough to satiate our hunger for a rebellious Father’s Day outing there was an entire exhibit on the evolution of skateboard art! “Skate it or Hang it?” runs through September 16, 2012 so if you are in Atlanta and want to tap into your inner rebel without winding up in the hospital with a broken bone you should check it out! (Check out our Instagram for more pictures of our outing to MODA.)

To round out the day we presented our King of the castle with his Father’s Day present, a beer making kit by Brooklyn Brew Shop. Throw in a home cooked meal, Mexican inspired of course, and a trip to see MIB 3 it was  a pretty perfect weekend.

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