Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen: My Vegan MoFo Cookbook of the Week

Chloe's Vegan Italian Kitchen: My Vegan MoFo Cookbook of the Week


Well B&B friends, it is the last day of September which means Vegan Mofo is coming to a close. Have you loved all of the vegan goodness we threw your way this month? I had a great time creating all of the recipes I shared here and sharing my favorite vegan cookbooks with you. I met lots of people that I would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise and have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. I didn’t crank out a recipe a day like some Vegan MoFo participants did, but I definitely surprised myself at what I can create when faced with a challenge. Remember those Double Down Potatoes? Geez, who thought g-free, vegan potatoes could be so tempting?!  Anyways, thanks for hanging out and cheering me on through Vegan Mofo. You all are the BEST!

Now, on to my last Vegan MoFo cookbook of the week, Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen: 150 Pizzas, Pastas, Pestos, Risottos, & Lots of Creamy Italian Classics by Chloe Coscarelli. I love Italian food and this cookbook really delivers! I have been anxiously awaiting this book’s release so that I can up my plant based Italian food game. In the introduction to this book Chloe promises 3 things:

1. Every recipe is super easy!  Chloe even promises to be available through Facebook and Twitter if you have questions along the way. How’s that for service? 

2. Your family and friends won’t believe your cooking is vegan. Chloe has tested these recipes at over 200 dinner parties and says the most common question asked is ” Are you sure there’s no cheese in this?”

3. Vegan Italian food is a love potion. According to Chloe these recipes were made for you with love, so you should in return cook them with love, and watch people devour them with smiles on their saucy faces. 

Although this book isn’t primarily gluten free it’s pages are filled with naturally gluten free foods for you to devour and lots of the recipes are a simple substitution away. Like subbing one of my gluten-free breadcrumb alternatives to any dish in the book that calls for breadcrumbs or an all-purpose gluten-free flour bend in place of all-purpose flour. 

Here are some of the naturally gluten free recipes I can’t wait to cook in my own kitchen:
Caprese Skewers
Pistachio Guacamole
Roasted Cauliflower with Onion, Garlic, and Thyme
Artichoke Hash Browns
Roasted Potatoes with Gremolata
Garlic Fire-Roasted Corn
Braised Kale with Pine Nuts and Cranberries
Eggplant Alla Funghetto
Pomegranate Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Rosemary Sweet Potatoes with Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Mustard
Grapefruit, Avocado, and Fennel Salad
Italian Chopped Salad
Pumpkin Soup with Crispy Brussels Sprout Leaves
Avocado Basil Quinoa Bowl with Chili Olive Oil
White Wine Risotto with Shiitake Mushrooms and Peas
Pumpkin Risotto
Rosemary Lentils with Roasted Tomatoes and Garlicky Broccolini
Gluten-Free Pizza Crust (Which means that the majority of the pizza recipes in the book can be gluten free too!)
Shiitake Bacon
Rockin’ Ricotta
Chloe’s Vegan “Nutella”




  1. Jennifer S. September 30, 2014 at 12:03 pm

    I’m embarrassed to say that “Month of Food” is not what I thought MOFO stood for!! 🙂 Regardless, I’ve enjoyed these posts!!!

    1. Meg September 30, 2014 at 1:37 pm

      Haha! Well, i think technically MoFo has stood for other things so it is totally understandable. I am glad you have enjoyed the posts though:)


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