Cider Spiced Candy Apples

Traditions… that’s what the holidays are all about right? One of my family’s favorite holidays is Halloween and this year we added a new tradition to our annual line up, making this homemade cider spiced candy apples recipe!!

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A woman wearing a black shirt and linen apron is dipping an apple on a stick into red candy syrup that is in an off white spot sitting on a black table top.

Why didn’t anyone tell me how easy a candy apples recipe could be?

To be honest, I have always shied away from making candy apples because they intimidated me a bit. I had no idea how approachable the process was and how much fun the kids and I would have making them together.

5 candy apples are sitting on top of a metal tray on a black table top. 2 of teh candy apples are red and 3 are black. The candy apple's sticks are made from real tree branches.

This Candy Apples Recipe is fun for the whole family!

Kash gathered small sticks from our yard and Todd carved down one end on each of them so that they would easily slide into the apples. The kids watched as I turned sugar and cider into molten candy on the stove top and of course we were all mesmerized as I enrobed our favorite Stemilt apples in irresistible cider spiced candy shells. Watching the molten candy drip down the apples is just hypnotic!

There is a woman in a black shirt and linen apron in the background dipping a red apple into a black candy syrup. There are 2 red candy apples and 1 black candy apple that are sitting on a metal tray at the front of the table the woman is standing at.

When it came to serving the apples I ultimately decided to cut the candy apples in half then into wedges so that we could all have a taste of the different varieties of apple with the candy. Todd and I loved the tart Granny Smith candied apples, but the kids were all about the Fuji apples!

Honestly, you have to make candy apples at least once, who knows, you may love it as much as we do! For the full recipe just click here to go to the Stemilt website! 

If you’ve tried this Cider Spiced Candy Apples Recipe, I would be so grateful if you would rate it. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I just love hearing from you, and your reviews and comments really help others that visit This Mess is Ours!

An off-white Le Creuset is filled with a bright red melted candy , there is a yellow apple that has a stick through the core that is being dipped into the liquid red candy. Sitting next to that is a round metal pan with parchment paper on top and a candied apple next to the pot. The wooden table top is painted black and is very weathered.

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What are the health benefits of apples?

The apple, especially with the skin left on, is packed with necessary nutrients that reduce risks of heart disease and diabetes and improve gut heath. The high fiber and water content in apples can also help with weight loss because they are so filling.

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