B & B Spotlight: Wild Roots

B & B Spotlight: Wild Roots
B & B Spotlight: Wild Roots

For this month’s Spotlight on Beard and Bonnet I am happy to welcome Vyana of Wild Roots! I am so lucky that my friend and neighbor Beth, of Tasty Yummies, introduced me to Vyana and her site. It’s not often that blogs come along that really make you think about the impact that you have on this earth and give you simple solutions to do something about it. I find myself constantly challenged by Vyana and Beth’s Six Month Mindful Living Challenge, I am using less plastic in my daily life, finding new ways to decrease my families water consumption, and am even dabbling back into yoga at home. I haven’t practiced yoga since my pregnancy with Kash, I have found I really miss it and the way that it makes me feel; why did I let everyday life get in the way of that? Above all, Vyana’s personal story is nothing short of inspirational and her energy really comes through in her writing.  Take a minute to read all about Wild Roots here; then hop on over, say hello, and add Wild Roots to your daily blog roll with a new challenge outline going live tomorrow and a new movement & meditation going live Sunday – you will be so glad that you did. 


Hello, hello B&B readers! Let me start by saying how extremely grateful I am to be here. I am honored that Meg offered the space for me to share my work on Wild Roots here on Beard & Bonnet. My name is Vyana. I’m a yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, and allergen free baker originally hailing from Buffalo, NY. I’ve lived in many places across the country and these days I call Port Townsend, Washington my home. My husband & I currently live in an intention living community with 4 other fellow artists & activists, which is totally amazing! We got married two weeks ago and moved to town a week before that. We’ve been traveling like maniacs since February but we’re finally settling into our new home.



A Snapshot of Wild Roots

My goal is to make yoga, meditation, mindful living, and clean eating accessible to everyone. I understand how overwhelming it can sound. My life was not always filled with healthy food & healthy movement. I have a history with drug addictions, eating disorders, and abuse. I understand how difficult the transition to a healthy life can be. Seeing the progress in my own life has inspired me to spread the word.

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Wild Roots is a place for community. It’s for those of us who need some guidance along the way. Maybe you’re new to a gluten free diet, or want to try living more mindfully, or maybe you’re already deep into your path. Wherever you are on your journey, Wild Roots can offer the help & support you need to fulfill all of your healthy living intentions.


What You’ll Find at Wild Roots

Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, nut free, refined sugar free, gum free and occasionally raw & vegan recipes. I know it’s a mouthful…literally, but flavor & ease are not lacking one bit!


This Yogurt Honey Tart is one of my favorites. It’s super easy to make and can be turned into a vegan recipe by swapping out the honey, or into a yogurt & goat cheese tart for those of you who eat dairy.


 Weekly yoga & meditation challenges for beginners and advanced yogis. [All of these posts are hosted on my yoga website, with outlining posts on Wild Roots.]


Mindful living tips, products, and recipes like this one for Natural Toothpaste.

Plus home remedies like Immune Boosting 101, and kitchen tips like Juicing without a Juicer.


The Six Month Mindful Living Challenge

This challenge was the official relaunch of my blog. It was a way for me to move from strictly a food blog into a mindful living blog. Each month we work through a different energy source from electricity to plastic, and water to garbage. There are weekly challenges that work through our consumption of that month’s energy, as well as weekly movement & meditation challenges. By the end of the six months, beginners will have a full yoga class memorized by repeating small sequences for a week and adding on to all previous challenges. I’ve partnered up with my fellow ex-Buffalonian, Beth from Tasty Yummies, who is now Meg’s neighbor in Long Beach! How crazy is that?! Beth offers up one new recipe & one archive recipe each month. Check out the full challenge outline to join us!



Wild Roots Turns One!

Next month WR turns one. After taking the last year to firmly establish my roots, I’m ready to start growing upward & outward. In the coming months you can look forward to guests posts from nutrition experts, fellow yoga instructors, fitness experts, and of course, more foodies! Since D & I are settling into a home, I’ll be digging into my original roots as a food blogger. I can’t wait to start writing new recipes for y’all! I’ll also be supporting a few companies who I truly believe in, as an ambassador, I’ll be writing articles for some yoga websites, AND…the most exciting part…I’ll be traveling this fall/winter!


West Coast Workshops

I’m bringing The Six Month Mindful Living challenge from cyber world to real world through my Goddess Flow Workshop.

I’ll be offering mixed level vinyasa flow & yin yoga classes along with writing workshops to learn how to freely communicate with ourselves, and non-violent communication workshops to understand the art of communicating with others. Recipes will be offered to all workshops and depending on the laws/regulations from state to state and studio to studio, I will also offer 1 juice & 1 meal per day.

If you’re interested in bringing the Goddess Flow Workshop to your studio, e-mail [email protected]!


Follow along on Facebook and Instagram for updates, photos, class schedule and more!

Oh and here’s a video Daren made about our road trip from New Orleans, LA to Washington. Check out his YouTube page for more fantastic videos of our crazy journey together.

Can’t wait to grow with all of you! Much love & light!



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  1. Beth @ Tasty Yummies July 26, 2013 at 8:45 am

    Can I just say just how happy this list makes me? Two very lovely women whom I adore, together! It’s amazing! Love you girls.

    1. Meg July 26, 2013 at 9:02 am

      Thanks so much Beth for introducing us! Vyana is such an inspiring person, I just love her site.

      1. Vyana July 26, 2013 at 8:12 pm

        Thank you both so much!! I feel so excited to be joining such a beautiful group here. Can’t wait to come to Long Beach and cook with both of you!! XXO

  2. Joann July 26, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    I watched the video of y’all getting your marriage license….oh, how sweet! I was getting all teary just seeing you so much in love and planning a future together. I wish you guys all the best now and in the future, and I look forward to reading your blog!

    1. Vyana July 26, 2013 at 8:08 pm

      Joann, Thank you so much!! Really there aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for receiving so much love. I hope that you enjoy Wild Roots! Keep me posted on your journey. I love hearing from readers!


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