Sunday Snapshots: The Art of the Cemetery Part 1

October begins tomorrow; it is my favorite month of the year for a lot of reasons. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, Fall’s produce is emerging in abundance and everyone’s imagination, young and old, is going wild preparing for pumpkin carving, hayrides and Halloween. Over the past few years we have been visiting cities around the South that we have always dreamed of going too. Charleston, New Orleans, and Savannah are a few of the most awe inspiring cities that we have ever had the pleasure of exploring. We visited the cemeteries in these cities to photograph the beautiful sculptures, the foliage and to document how they celebrate the past and passing on. We have been anxiously awaiting October’s arrival to share our images with you. This week is the beginning of a series documenting these sacred places; we hope that you enjoy them and that your October is full of inspiration and imagination!

This first set of images is from our visit to Charleston, SC. Tucked away in the middle of the city lies the Unitarian Cemetery. We happened upon a long corridor off of King Street called Jacob’s Alley while we were sight seeing. It looked quiet and lush with vegetation; we strolled down the alley admiring the dense foliage in the otherwise concrete maze of buildings when suddenly it opened up to the most beautiful overgrown courtyard. We immediately noticed the headstones peering out from behind the trees and realized that we had stumbled upon something quite special and sacred in the heart of the city.

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