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It sure has been a busy couple of weeks here for us! We took the day off from Beard and Bonnet last Friday to go to Nashville and visit our family. We had a great time hanging out, letting the kids play and eating amazing food. Today it is time to get back to work and over the course of the next few weeks it appears that our schedule is fuller than it has ever been. Our kids are thriving, business is good and we are more grateful than ever for the time we carve out of every day to reconnect together as a family at dinner.

We have quite a few exciting announcements for B & B over the course of the next few months! Todd and I have been plugging away behind the scenes to make the site bigger, better and more interactive for our readers. Today, we are excited to share that we have been asked to become a featured publisher on Gourmandelle. This site is a great place to visit if you are looking for healthy and delicious recipes, tips on living a healthier lifestyle or even a new diet plan. It is all there and we are so excited to have been asked to join such a great group of bloggers  We will be adding more recipes to the site over the next few weeks. Some we will have already shared here, but we are working on developing new recipes especially for Gourmandelle.

Thank you to everyone who reads B & B! For all of the encouraging comments and emails that keep us plugging away and for sharing your stories with us. We can’t even begin to tell you how much you all inspire us everyday. Later this week we will return with more recipes to share and another spooky installment of our October series of Sunday Snapshots: The Art of the Cemetery. For now take a peek  at the Gourmandelle site or check out a few other sites where you can find us…


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