Kale and Quinoa Bountiful Bowl

Hey baby, it’s HOT outside! Talk about a sweltering summer, it was 100° here today with a “real feel” of 108°! Good thing I have the recipe for this Kale and Quinoa Bountiful Bowl up my sleeve, it requires very little actual cooking, but it seriously eats like a meal and tastes like a little bit of heaven too. Ahhhh, summer, bring on your heat wave because I’ve got dinner covered! 

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A big white bowl filled with kale and quinoa salad, heirloom tomatoes, bright green asparagus, artichoke hearts, pink pickled onions, and a hard boiled egg half. Next to the bowl of salad is a small bowl of bright pink pickled onions and next to that on a small plate are sliced green jalapeños.

Kale, quinoa, and chickpeas oh my! 

On the hottest of summer days there is nothing that I want more than a gigantic salad bowl filled to the brim with perfectly dressed greens loaded with lots of superfoods like kale, quinoa, and chickpeas! While other salads eat like, well salad, this Kale and Quinoa Bountiful Bowl eats like a meal and won’t leave you fighting off a case of hanger later. 

Let’s talk about all the delicious elements that make up these scrumptious Bountiful Bowls shall we? 

A bag of Dole Bountiful Kale and Quinoa salad is on a white table. there are small prep bowls scattered around the table each filled with a different colorful ingredient like sliced heirloom tomatoes, hard boiled egg halves sprinkled with red pepper flakes, slices of fresh green jalapeño, and a bowl of bright pink pickled onions.

It all starts with the base, the essential building block for our Kale and Quinoa Bountiful Bowl! 

The  DOLE®Triple Quinoa Bountiful Kit || The base of my bountiful bowl is by far the easiest dish ever to assemble! Simply open the bag, pour the chopped kale and carrots into a large bowl, top with the bountiful blend of red, white and black quinoa mixed with chickpeas, then toss everything in Dole’s delicious Lemon Basil Vinaigrette. It’s great on its own, just like this or all dressed up into hearty Bountiful Bowls! 

A big bowl of kale and quinoa salad with shredded carrots and chickpeas is on a table next to a plate of sliced heirloom tomatoes, a bowl of hard boiled egg halves that have been seasoned with red pepper flakes, a bolwl of pink marinated onions, slices of green jalapeño are scattered on the table and there is a small carafe of dressing.

Now, what about everything else? Let me break it down for you….

A close up of a bountiful bowl salad: a white bowl filled with kale and quinoa salad that has carrots and chickpeas tossed in. It has blanched asparagus spears, marinated artichoke halves, pink pickled onions, sliced heirloom tomatoes, and a hard boiled egg.

Blanched, roasted, or grilled vegetables || For this particular bowl I had blanched asparagus on hand, but you can use any seasoal vegetable that you already have cooked and ready to go. Easy peasy!

A cream colored plate on an off white surface. The plate has a pile of gorgeous summer heirloom tomatoes that are both sliced and quartered.

Assorted fresh or marinated vegetables || Toss in some juicy heirloom tomatoes, a few marinated baby artichoke hearts, some roasted red pepper strips, or maybe even a healthy dose of citrus pickled onions. Heck, now that we’re talking about this maybe you should pile in all of those! It just all sounds so GOOD!

To season your tomatoes like mine: I like to slice up a whole bunch of heirloom tomatoes then drizzle them with olive oil and a splash of red wine vinegar before sprinkling with coarse flaky salt, red pepper flakes, and cracked black pepper. MAGIC!

To make hot pink pickled onions: Cover thin slices of red onion with freshly squeezed lime juice, allow to marinate for a few hours until they soften and the color changes. These babies are tart and tangy so a little goes a long way, go easy! 

A brown and white bowl of halved hard boiled eggs sprinkled with red pepper flakes.

Protein of some sort, any sort! || You do you, literally anything goes. On the day that I photographed these beautiful Bountiful Bowls I had Instant Pot hard boiled eggs on hand, but I have made them with crumbled feta and toasted nuts for my vegetarian husband, and with sliced rotisserie chicken breast for my daughter before. Every variation has been a big hit!  You could do shrimp, grilled steak, or even just shreds of deli meat. Anything goes, don’t worry since it’s all going to be delicious! 

To make Instant Pot hard boiled eggs: Pour 1 cup water into the bottom of an Instant Pot. Add the steam rack. Place the amount of eggs you would like to cook on top of the steam rack. Put the lid on, set the pressure valve to “sealing” then select “Manual” (pressure cook) at high pressure for 5 minutes. Once the cook time is over, carefully release the pressure by moving the valve to “venting” then transfer the eggs to an ice water bath for 2-3 minutes to stop the cooking process. 

Savory sprinkles || For the love of Pete! Don’t forget the savory sprinkles people. I’m talking about flaky sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and lots of Aleppo pepper flakes! Feel free to use red pepper flakes if you want to bring the heat!

A really beautifu, colorful spread of food on a white table top. There are gigantic bowls of kale tossed with shredded carrots, quinoa, and chickpeas. Small bowls of ingredients like pink pickled onions, sliced heirloom tomatoes, and hard boiled egg halves. There are also 2 bowls of all of the ingredients assembled into a salad.

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Kale and Quinoa Bountiful Bowls

A vibrant bowl of kale salad with quinoa and chickpeas tossed in. There are heirloom tomato slices, pink pickled onions, deviled egg halves, blanched asparagus, and artichoke halves. The bowl is sitting on a white and tan striped napkin on a white background

Build these bountiful bowls as big or as little as you like! Literally, anything goes! 

  • Author: This Mess is Ours
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 2 large servings 1x
  • Category: Salad
  • Method: Assembled
  • Cuisine: Salad


1 DOLE®Triple Quinoa Bountiful Kit , prepared

2 cups cooked vegetables: they can be steamed, blanched, grilled, or roasted. Anything goes.

1 cup assorted marinated vegetables: marinated artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, marinated onions, citrus pickled onions (see blog post for technique)

1/2 cup-ish protein: Hard boiled eggs, rotisserie chicken, grilled steak, shrimp, cheese, or nuts are all great additions. Use more or less depending on how hungry you are.

To serve: flaky salt, coarse ground pepper, and pepper flakes


Simply open the bag, pour the chopped kale and carrots into a large bowl, top with the bountiful blend of red, white and black quinoa mixed with chickpeas, then toss everything in Dole’s delicious Lemon Basil Vinaigrette. Divide into bowls.

Layer on the cooked vegetables, marinated vegetables, and your protein of choice. Season liberally with flaky salt, coarse ground pepper, and pepper flakes

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