Supreme Veggie Pizza Pasta

Let’s be real, I would eat pizza at least once a day, every day, if I could! I have ZERO shame about it; I love it! However, in all reality, I know that I shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean I can’t take the flavors of pizza, and apply them to as many meals as deemed appropriate by my family throughout the week!! I give you the latest pizzafied superstar to come out of my kitchen, the Supreme Veggie Pizza Pasta. It’s robust with flavor, gluten free, and super easy to make!

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Tastes just like pizza but more nutritious!

This Supreme Veggie Pizza Pasta has all the flavors that I love in a great slice of pizza. Instead of it all being served on top of a crust, I pile my favorite toppings on top of bowls of Explore Cuisine’s Organic Red Lentil Spaghetti! I love the flavor of their red lentil pasta and the fact that it’s packed with tons of protein and fiber!! You can’t really say that for a pizza crust, now can you?

A sheet pan of roasted peppers and onions next to a bowl of red lentil pasta tossed with pizza sauce then topped with roasted vegetables like bell peppers, roasted onions, artichokes, and black olives. Topped with mozzarella balls.

Here are some things I love about a great vegetarian pizza and how they translate into my Supreme Veggie Pizza Pasta.

Intense heat:  

Pizza is cooked in a screaming hot oven so all of those thinly sliced vegetables on top are able to get perfectly crisp tender, with just the slightest bit of char. For this pasta recipe, we crank the oven all the way up to 475°F for a quick 10-12 minutes max to mimic that same cooking environment.

It’s ALL about the pizza sauce:

I’m just going to come right out and say it: Don’t you dare put marinara sauce on this pasta and still expect it to taste like pizza! Pizza sauce packs a SUPER robust, concentrated flavor in a teeny little jar. Marinara sauce just tastes like pasta with roasted veggies, so go for pizza sauce. Trust your dear pizza loving friend Meg on this one!

Individuality is encouraged:

Have you ever noticed that every vegetable’s unique flavor profile comes through in a bite of pizza? Seriously, there is just something about vegetables suspended in vats of melty cheese that really makes them sing! Believe it or not, arranging the thinly sliced veggies in rows on a sheet pan has pretty much the same effect. No muddled flavors, every bite has a little symphony of flavors depending on how many goodies your fork can grab in one fell swoop!

A sheet pan of roasted bell pepper strips, red onions, artichoke hearts, and black olives next to a box of Explore Cuisine red lentil pasta, a bowl of pizza sauce and a small bowl of mozzarella balls are on the table as well.

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2 bowls of Supreme veggie Pizza Pasta next to a sheet pan of roasted bell peppers and onions. The pasta has the roasted vegetables on top as well as artichokes and black olives. There are small mozzarella balls on the pasta as well.

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A top down photograph of a bowl of red lentil pasta tossed with pizza sauce and topped with roasted bell peppers, onions, artichokes, black olives, and mozzarella balls

Supreme Veggie Pizza Pasta

  • Author: This Mess is Ours
  • Prep Time: 8 min
  • Cook Time: 10 min
  • Total Time: 18 minutes
  • Yield: 4 servings
  • Category: Dinner
  • Method: Stovetop + Oven
  • Cuisine: Italian


A mandolin really helps make slicing the vegetables super thin easy! Serve this Supreme Veggie Pizza Pasta with a big green salad on the side for a perfect meal.
Don’t forget to rate the recipe and let me know what you think about this Supreme Veggie Pizza Pasta in the comments below. I just love hearing from you and your reviews/comments really help other people that visit This Mess is Ours!


1 large or 2 small red or green bell peppers, seeds removed, sliced very thin
1 very small red onion or 1/4 of a large red onion, sliced very thin
1 (15-ounce) can baby artichoke hearts in water, drained, peeled and quartered
1 can sliced black olives, drained
1 tablespoon fresh herbs, we like fresh thyme and oregano leaves
1 1/2 – 2 tablespoons olive oil
coarse Kosher salt and pepper to taste
1 box Explore Cuisine, Organic Red Lentil Spaghetti
1 (13-ounce) jar pizza sauce, warmed
1/2 cup very small mozzarella balls for serving or larger ones, halved.
Savory pizza sprinkles, optional, but recommended: 1 tablespoon grated Parmesan, 1 teaspoon of red pepper flakes, 1/2 teaspoon flaky sea salt, coarsely ground black pepper.


Preheat the oven to 475°F and bring a large pot of salted water to a rolling boil.
On a sheet pan, lay the sliced peppers, onions, artichokes, and olives in rows. Sprinkle the tops of the vegetables with olive oil, coarse kosher salt, and pepper to taste. Toss each vegetable to coat, being careful not to combine the rows of vegetables too much. Sprinkle the fresh herbs across the sheet pan.
When the pasta water is boiling, place the pan of vegetables into the preheated oven and then add the pasta to the water. Set a timer for 8 minutes and then check the pasta’s texture. If al dente drain the pasta water and gently rinse the pasta to stop the cooking process. If the pasta isn’t tender, cook for another 1-2 minutes. Once the pasta has been drained and rinsed, toss the pasta with the warmed pizza sauce then remove the vegetables from the oven. 
To make the savory pizza sprinkles, stir Parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, flaky sea salt and coarsely ground black pepper together. Set aside.
Serve the pasta with the sheet pan of pizza vegetables, mozzarella, and savory sprinkles, if using, on the side. That way each serving can customized to that eaters liking. 

Keywords: pasta, vegetarian pizza, pizza, gluten free

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