Ginger Quinoa Granola (Gluten-Free and Vegan)

Oh man, I have been gobbling up s’mores brownies for days now. Someone should stop me, really! I have moments of complete and total guilt for cramming down yet another brownie and then I convince myself its all OK because in-between brownies I have been snacking away on granola like it’s going out of style. This protein packed granola has an amazing crunch that doesn’t go soggy in my coconut milk, even when I get distracted by a crazed 2 year old. Crispy, crunchy, golden quinoa, who knew?!

Ginger Quinoa Granola
Adapted from Better Homes and Gardens
3/4 cup uncooked quinoa, rinsed well to remove bitterness and well-drained
1/2 cup whole almonds
1/2 cup walnut pieces
1/4 cup flax seeds
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 Tbsp. coconut oil
1 tsp.cinnamon
1/2 tsp.salt
1/3 cup crystallized ginger pieces, chopped
1/3 cup dried cranberries, chopped

Preheat the oven to 350°F. In a large bowl combine the quinoa, almonds, walnuts,and flax seeds and stir well. Heat the maple syrup in a small microwave-safe bowl on high for 20 seconds. Stir in the coconut oil, cinnamon, and salt; continue to stir until the coconut oil is completely melted. Pour the wet ingredients over the dry and toss to coat.

Spread the quinoa granola mixture in a thin layer over a parchment line baking sheet.Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown, stirring twice during the cook time. Add the chopped ginger pieces and cranberries during the last 5 minutes of cook time.

Cool completely on the baking sheet, as it cools the granola will harden and begin to clump together. When cooled break up any large pieces of granola into small clusters and store for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Sprinkle about a 1/4 cup over yogurt or into milk and enjoy…I have even topped vanilla ice cream with this and it is SO good!

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  1. jane

    Oh my, made this as soon as it arrived in my inbox, and, not four hours later, it is GONE, with plans for several women to make it for themselves. LOVE IT, and it is SOOOO easy to make! Thank you!

    • admin

      Hi Jane! I am so glad that you enjoyed it and I hope your friends do too. I sent a jar home with my neighbor the other day after I made it because she loved it so much. Totally addicting granola! Thanks for coming back and leaving a comment:)

  2. Penny K.

    What are your thoughts about honey substituted for the maple syrup. I know it will change flavor a bit , but what about consistency?

    • admin

      Hi Penny! Honey would make a great replacement for the maple syrup. I have had it both ways and I think that they are both winners!

  3. Love that it has quinoa!! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! 🙂

    Thanks for linking back to the Gluten Free Fridays post!

    See you at the link up this week!

    Cindy from

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