Apple and Berry Rosé Sangria

It is officially the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL here in Atlanta and I am already planning the end of year festivities for this coming weekend!! I’m thinking ice cream and late night play dates for the kiddos and a pitcher of this Apple and Berry Rosé Sangria on the patio for the hubs and I! 
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A clear cocktail glass with a woven ratan cover on it is filled with apple and strawberry slices, hibiscus blossoms, and apple and berry rosé sangria. Teh glass is in front of a large clear glass pitcher filled with the same fruits and beverage.
I love whipping up pitchers of sangria during the summer months for lots of reasons, but mainly because it is super easy to make the sangria ahead of time so come cocktail time there’s no stress at all just pour a glass, sip, and chill. 
Top down view of a pitcher filled with sangria, 4 glasses are arranged around teh pitcher on teh table and are also filled with sangria. There is a white and yellow linen napkin on te table that wraps around the glasses. hibiscus blossoms and fresh pink and green apples are also arranged on the table.

This Apple and Berry Rosé Sangria is super simple to make, but sure does feel special when you’re sipping it! Here’s what I love about it:

  1. I always feel fancy when I’m sipping rosé…maybe it’s the flavor, maybe it’s the fact that it is such a gorgeous shade of pink. I don’t know, they’re both pretty awesome selling points to me! In this Apple and Berry Rosé Sangria I kicked up the floral notes just a bit by adding a little elderflower liqueur and just a smidge of sugar. Basically, it’s a whole bunch of summertime magic already and we haven’t even added the fruit yet! 
  2. Speaking of the fruit! I’m an apple a day, all year long kind of a gal myself and the combo of Stemilt Granny Smith Apples and Piñata apples is a match made in heaven for me. Tangy, sweet, tart, and fruity – it’s the perfect sangria mix! Since it’s a summer celebration I also added fresh strawberries and lime wheels to the pitcher too for color and flavor. 
  3. Finally, just because it is summer and I’m feeling FANCY, right before I serve this Apple and Berry Sangria I’m garnishing the pitcher (and our glasses) with gorgeous hibiscus flowers. I mean…it just doesn’t get any prettier than edible blooms in your cocktail! 

A glass pitcher filled with apple and berry rosé sangria and sliced red and green apples, halved berries, and lime wheels. There are fresh green and pink apples scattered on the table as well a a glass of sangria in the background.


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Up close photo of a glass of apple and berry rose sangria. The clear glass has a woven, ratan cup holder around it. You can see thin slices of apple, strawberry halves, hibiscus blossoms and ice cubes through the glass with the pink sangria.  There is a yellow linen napkin in the background.

See the full recipe featured on the Stemilt website by clicking here! 


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