Cashew Cream: Trust me it is delicious!

If you have ever ventured out into the world of vegan cooking than you probably heard tales of a glorious dairy substitute called cashew cream. It can work wonders in your vegan desserts but it can also double as yummy cheesiness to fill your ravioli or it can become the cream substitute in your vodka pasta sauce. It really is amazing, super simple and the possibilities of what you can do with it are virtually endless.

Cashew Cream

1.5 cups raw unsalted cashews

3/4 – 1 cup water (depending on how thick or thin you would like) plus more for soaking

juice of half a lemon (more if you like a real lemony flavor)

Salt to taste

I try to always soak my cashews overnight but in a pinch you could soak them for about 30 minutes and they will be fine. Drain and rinse cashews well and place all the ingredients in a high powered blender or food processor. Blend until desired consistency. If you want a silky smooth cashew cream to replace heavy cream in your recipes you can pour the cream through a fine mesh strainer. Your cashew cream will last in the refrigerator for 3-4 days and can be frozen for up to 6 months. If you choose to freeze it be sure to run it through the blender really quick after you defrost it to eliminate any lumps. This recipe makes 1.5- 2cups depending on the amount of water you add.

So now you know my basic cashew cream recipe here is my favorite version that I found on one of my all-time favorite blogs. I added the cilantro to her recipe because we love cilantro but you can leave it out and it will still be super tasty.

Roasted Poblano + Cilantro Cashew Cream: (adapted from Love and Lemons)

1.5 cups raw unsalted cashews (soaked 30 minutes, if you think about it)

¾ cup water

1 roasted poblano pepper

1 small garlic clove minced

¼ cup chopped cilantro

¼ cup minced onion

¾ tablespoons fresh lemon juice

salt, to taste (about 1 tsp.)

Roast the poblano pepper. Place under the broiler until blistered on all sides. (time will vary depending on the heat of your broiler). When it’s fully blistered, remove and place in a bowl and cover (not touching) with plastic wrap or a towel. Set aside for 15 minutes or so, until it’s cool enough to handle. Using your fingers, slide off the skin and remove the stem and seeds. Blend roasted poblano and all ingredients in a high powered blender (best results from a vitamix or similar). Taste and adjust seasonings to your liking. 

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  1. Amber Dow October 4, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    Ok, I just made the Roasted Poblano + Cilantro Cashew Cream but with a red bell and no cilantro because I never have fresh on hand. It is amazing!!!! Of course, I knew it would be:) All the recipes I have made that you gave me have been fab! Thanks Amber

    1. admin October 4, 2012 at 8:28 pm

      Yay, Amber!!! I am so happy that you like it:) Cashew cream is seriously addicting stuff!

  2. Joy April 22, 2014 at 5:19 am

    In the last year and a half, I’ve had to first go dairy free and then gluten free which has been an adjustment but something I have learned to love deeply. However, the hardest part by far has been to give up cheese in general. I discovered your blog, and have fallen in love!! I eat alot of vegetables and healthy food anyways but I have started embracing the vegan world primarily for its cheese and dairy substitutions along with other healthy delicious recipes. I made this last night, and I was so proud of myself!! It turned out so yummy I was eating it with a spoon : ) I kept turning to my husband saying, ‘Its cashew cream!!! I really did it!!” Sometimes you see or read things on a blog or cookbook and you think, “That looks cool, but I could never make mine turn out like that especially something as “different” as something you would normally make.” I was so pumped I wanted to run outside my apartment and knock on all the doors and have them taste it right out of the food processor. I restrained myself though : ) I paired the the above recipe (I left out the poblano bc I didnt have one in the house) with a black bean, yellow rice and chicken (I love chicken) enchiladas recipe I got from Cooking for Isaiah by Silvana, and I used it as a type of sauce/sour cream with it. My husband and friend LOVED it!! Thank you for all your wonderful recipes and tutorials. This recpie was not my first from you and will not be my last. Thanks for being passionate about food and leading us as we journey through life together eating good (healthy) good (delicious) food : )

    1. Meg April 22, 2014 at 12:28 pm

      Joy you just made my day!! Thank you so very much for this and I am so glad that the cashew cream was a hit. It is my favorite sauce ever!!!


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