Easy Roasted Pear Sauce + 3 Ways to Use it!

Busy working moms like myself want recipes that do more than just feed one meal. We want recipes that S-T-R-E-T-C-H and this Easy Roasted Pear Sauce made with beautiful Stemilt pears does just that! From a healthy treat for the kids, to marinades, baked goods, and cocktails this roasted pear sauce pretty much does it all. 

{{ This Easy Roasted Pear Sauce is the eleventh recipe in our year long partnership with Stemilt ! We received compensation and product in exchange for it. Opinions are always our own. If we don’t love it, you don’t hear about it. Thanks for your continued support!}}

A glass jar filled with roasted pear sauce sits next to a glass cup of roasted pear sauce on a wooden table. There are green and reddish brown pears in teh background of the image and a sliced green pear with teh core removed in the front of the image.

When we moved to Atlanta last summer we knew that our lives would be very different, we just didn’t realize how different!

Gone are the days of both kid’s schools being a 10 minute walk across the park from our house. All in all at the end of each week day here in Atlanta we spend about 2 hours each commuting. 2 HOURS!!  Obviously, we don’t get more hours in the day (wouldn’t that be nice!) just because we lost 9 hours of our week to trekking around.

So, as a family we’ve had to get pretty creative about where these 9 hours a week are coming from in our already tightly packed schedules. Trust me, every one is making compromises. 

In Long Beach, I used to dedicate about an hour each day, sometimes more, prepping and cooking dinner. Not to mention the time I spent in between work tasks during the day packing lunches for everyone and doing dishes. SO MANY DISHES!! These days I have found that I am spending WAY less time in the kitchen and leaning more towards recipes like this Easy Roasted Pear Sauce that require little effort and time from me, but give me SO much in return.

With just 1 batch of this roasted pear sauce I can pack my kid’s a healthy homemade snack in their lunchboxes, serve up a killer marinade for a pork chop dinner, make a batch of pear scented granola, and even have a few pear martinis with my friends. Did I mention the fact that you can use this pear sauce in baked goods too? Basically, any recipe that calls for apple sauce will substitute 1 to 1.

A glass storage jar and a small glass cup are filled with roasted pear sauce. the cup has a silver spoon in it. They are both sitting on a wooden table top that is draped with a white linen cloth and has a vintage cutting board on top of the table. The table is covered in whole fresh green and brown pears and has a sliced green pear with the core removed laying next to the jar of pear sauce.

I mean, let’s be honest with one another, how many recipes do you have in your arsenal that do that type of heavy lifting? My guess is, not too many! 

Ready to whip up a batch of roasted pear sauce for yourself? Just click here to go to the Stemilt site for the full recipe. 

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