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How to host a Tamalada || @beardandbonnet with @saltandwind and @holajalapeno

Just when I was pretty confident that I knew about every type of food themed party on the planetKate of  ¡Hola Jalapenõ! invited me to her annual holiday Tamalada! (AKA: a tamale making party!) The premise of a Tamalada is pretty simple – lots of family and friends gather together during the holiday season to prep, cook, and feast on an insane amount of tamales. Hands down this was one of the most fun & definitely the most delicious party we’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. Plus, we left with enough leftovers that we feasted like Kings again a few days later! In fact, we had so much fun that I am officially inviting myself to Kate’s Tamalada next year too because I don’t think my holidays will ever feel complete again without one. 

Curious what all goes into hosting a tasty Tamalada? Today we are teaming up with our friends Aida of Salt & Wind and Kate of  ¡Hola Jalapenõ!  again to bring you all the party details from the supplies you’ll need, the festive decorations you’ll want and the recipes for 3 different types of tamales, appetizers, and beverages. 

How to host a Tamalada|| Easy tamalada decorations || @beardandbonnet

DECORATE || Since I had never attended a tamale making party before I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was blown away with how beautiful everything was when we arrived at Kate’s house! Kate decorated her backyard with a rainbow of color and a festive assembly line that could easily fit all 12 of us. Here’s is exactly what you will need to recreate the look of Kate’s classic Tamalada party:

Papel Picado Penant Banner | Brightly colored oil cloth fabric for the table | Indoor/Outdoor 8 foot folding table

How to host a Tamalada|| The supplies you will need | @beardandbonnet @saltandwind @holajalapeno

SUPPLIES || While making tamales can be labor intensive, it’s not especially difficult and doesn’t require a lot of special tools, but you will need a few essential supplies to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

dried corn husks | large tamale steamer  | bakers twine | essential tamale making kit | masa

How to host a tamalada || Host responsibilities | @beardandbonnet

PRE-TAMALADA PARTY PREP || While most of the prep is done for a Tamalada the day of the party we suggest that you ask your guests a few weeks in advance if they would care to bring a tamale filling, an appetizer, or a beverage to the party. That way it takes a bit of pressure off of you as the host on Tamalada day.

The day of the party, you need to make enough masa for all of the tamales your guests will be making and you will need to soak the corn husks for at least 2 hours before the party so that they are pliable enough to start rolling when you and your guests are ready. 

How to host a Tamalada | The menu | @beardandbonnet

THE MENU || There are no limits when it comes to recipes for tamale fillings and there aren’t really any rules for the other eats you serve at a Tamalada either, we suggest each guest bring a drink an appetizer OR a tamale filling. It makes for an eclectic mix of flavors and a pretty tasty afternoon! Here are all the goodies we feasted on at our Tamalada:

Nibbles & sips: 
Dunk & Slather Board | Beard and Bonnet
Tamale fillings:  
How to host a Tamalada | The assembly line | @beardandbonnet @saltandwind @holajalapeno
THE ASSEMBLY LINE || When you are ready to set up your tamale making assembly line be sure that there are multiple dishes of prepared masa and fillings to spread across the entire table so that it easy for everyone to reach the ingredients they need. Sprinkle in plates of appetizers and pitchers of drinks so that guests can take a snack break throughout the day without ever having to leave the party. 
 How to host a tamalada || Demonstrate how to make a tamale | @beardandbonnet
CHANNEL YOUR INNER CULINARY INSTRUCTOR || Chances are your guests will have never made a tamale before. No worries, it’s an easy process to teach and learn. As the host, you will assemble the first tamale as you demonstrate for your guests just how easy the process is. Don’t be intimidated, the process is really simple and we even have a fun picture tutorial for you to learn from, all you have to do is click here!
Hope to host a Tamalada | Have fun! | @beardandbonnet @holajalapeno @saltandwind
ENJOY YOURSELF || That’s it, it doesn’t look so hard, right? I assure you this is one of the most fun holiday traditions we have ever been apart of. Even our significant others and little ones got in on the fun of creating their own tamale creations! Whatever you do, just be sure you are in the moment, not fussing over little details like I know I tend to do when hosting a party. Besides the tamales, the greatest part of this party is the time you spend with your loved ones and the memories you make that day. 
How to host a Tamalada | So easy even a 5 year old can do it! | @beardandbonnet @saltandwind @holajalapeno
A FEW MORE DEETS || Most of the beautiful pottery you see us using at Kate’s Tamalada was handmade by her uber talented husband, but there were a few dishes that peppered the table you can purchase online. Like my favorite La Chamba pottery that I purchased from local So Cal shop, Alta Baja Market and our favorite fluted ceramic cups from 1220 Ceramic Studios.
How to host a Tamalada | Enjoy yourself! | @beardandbonnet @saltandwind @holajalapeno
A big thanks to Kate for hosting our Tamalada. Photos from Salt & Wind and Beard & Bonnet . Some of the links in this post are affiliate links to We make a small commission for any orders received via the affiliate links. All products opinions are our own.


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