Making the Switch: Our story on Lexie’s Kitchen

I am so excited that Lexie’s Kitchen has shared our story with her readers! She is a truly an amazing woman who has been such an inspiration to me. When we first became aware of Kash’s food allergies I began scouring the internet for families with similar situations that I could connect with. Even though our friends and family are all really supportive and uplifting I needed to find people who really knew what we were going through because they had been there themselves.  I found Lexie’s blog pretty early on and really enjoyed reading about all of the progress that she was making with her son Miles through changing his diet. Click here to read about their journey from processed to pure and what a huge impact it has made on their lives! I finally reached out to Lexie in an email last week to share what we had been through and she was so supportive and uplifting. I am thankful for the kind words that she sent our way and I am especially thankful for her sharing their story through her blog.

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