How To Plan A Family Game Night Fondue Feast

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Romanesco dipped in fondue

Want to know how we get our kids to willingly ditch their phones and video games at dinner? 

At least once a week we have family game night during dinner time. We play our favorite card games, we feast on delicious nibbles like this kid-friendly fondue board made with Emmi USA, we listen to music, and the most magical part – we actually have full on conversations with one another!  

Kids playing Uno, fondue cheese board, girl dipping bread into fondue

I have always wanted to try fondue, but never really had the chance so when the lovely folks at Emmi USA asked if I would like to try their Fresh Blend Fondu I jumped at the chance! There’s no guess work or hard recipe to follow for this fondue feast friend, all you have to do is simply combine their blend of shredded Emmentaler and Le Gruyère cheeses in a pot with dry white wine, heat over low to medium-low heat until melted then transfer to a fondue pot and serve with your favorite dippers. If you aren’t keen on mixing wine into your fondu it’s no biggie you can replace it with your favorite broth instead. It’s great either way!

Broccoli being dipped into cheese fondue

When serving fondue to kids you should also think about serving dippers that they are familiar with along with some that are a bit more adventurous for them to try.

hasselback potatoes, cubed apples ready for fondue and UNO cards

Here’s a list of what we served along with a few fun things that you may want to add in depending on who is sitting at your table.

  1. Perfectly roasted hasselback potatoes || You cannot go wrong with cheese and potatoes…you just can’t! The hasselback slice on these mini spuds allows the fondue to get all in the crevices for maximum cheesiness! 
  2. Fresh fruit || Sliced green and red apples were our fruit of choice, but sliced pears and grapes are great kid-friendly choices too. 
  3. Fresh vegetables || Cherry tomatoes are perfect for skewering! We were also thinking that red bell pepper strips would be pretty tasty too.
  4. Bread || Literally anything goes here, gluten free, baguette, sourdough – it doesn’t matter. You name it, its perfect. Just don’t forget to toast it before you serve it. 
  5. Lightly blanched vegetables || broccoli, romanesco, carrots, cauliflower, asparagus – they’re all delicious, but when it comes to fondue we prefer to blanche them. If you don’t know what that is, don’t fret, it’s actually the easiest way to prep veggies ever! Simply bring a big pot of water to a rolling boil, while waiting on that prep another big bowl with ice water. Once the water is boiling drop veggies that are cut into bite sized chunks into the boiling water and cook for 2-3 minutes until the color is vibrant and the veggies are crisp tender. Immediately scoop out the vegetables with a slotted spoon and transfer to the ice bath so that you stop the cooking process. Once cooled transfer the veggies to a paper towel lined plate to drain. They’re ready to serve as-is or you can refrigerate them for a day or two until you are ready for them.
  6. Crackers || Cheese and crackers is pretty self explanatory right? 
  7. Meat || Since we have a vegetarian at our family table I kept our fondue board vegetarian, but I bet that charcuterie, cubed ham,  chopped roasted turkey, or even grilled chicken would be delicious as well.


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  1. Marilyn Bretscher March 2, 2018 at 4:05 am

    I always want to make Fondue, because we love it. And my husband is from Switzerland, very enjoying meal. Thanks for sharing your recipe with us.

    1. thismess March 5, 2018 at 4:53 am

      Awww, you totally should!! It is so delicious and so easy thanks To Emmi Roth USA!


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