15 Gluten Free Tapas & Cocktails

15 Gluten Free Tapas Recipes from Beard and Bonnet

I love entertaining around the holidays and my favorite type of dish to serve are tapas. Call them small bites, finger food, or simply appetizers, but whatever you call them make sure that they are easy enough for you to make so that you can still enjoy your own party! Today I am sharing 15 of my go-to tapas and cocktails to help you plan the perfect holiday gathering. 

Small Batch Potato Chips for Valentine's Day {Beard and Bonnet} #glutenfree #vegan

Small Batch Potato Chips

Moscow Mule {Beard and Bonnet} #vegan #glutenfree

Moscow Mule

Ombré Citrus Roasted Carrot Skewers {Beard and Bonnet} #glutenfree #vegan option

Ombré Citrus and Thyme Roasted Carrot Skewers

Roasted Domino Potatoes {Beard and Bonnet} #glutenfree #vegan option

Roasted Domino Potatoes


Gluten-Free Vanilla Cream Puffs

 Gluten Free Vanilla Cream Puffs

Sizzling Ginger Cocktail

Sizzling Ginger Cocktail

Chocolate Chip Cookie Tassies

 Chocolate Chip Cookie Tassies

Homemade Gluten Free Cheez It's

Homemade Gluten Free Cheez It’s 

Stuffing Poppers with Cranberry Jalapeno Dipping Sauce

Thanksgiving Stuffing Poppers

Blood Orange Margarita

Blood Orange Margarita

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites {Beard and Bonnet} #glutenfree

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites 

Key Lime "Cheesecake" Truffles

Key Lime “Cheesecake” Truffles

Eggnog Latte Cocktail {Beard and Bonnet} #glutenfree #vegan

Eggnog Latte Cocktail

Paella Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers {Beard and Bonnet} #glutenfree #vegan option

Paella Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers

Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix {Beard and Bonnet} #glutenfree #vegan

Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix 


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  1. Big Iron December 12, 2015 at 10:09 pm

    What a simple, yet beautiful website. The pictures not only present delicious-looking foods, but the backgrounds and serving dishes are aesthetically pleasing. Bravo! I am in full admiration of your work.


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